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Guestbook, 2007

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Date: December 30, 2007
Time: 7:44:35 PM
Name: robert e varteresian
Comments: i just finish reading the book by don keith - in the course of duty. the crew of the batfish were true heros. it was one of the best books that i have read on our submariners. god bless the all.
Date: December 24, 2007
Time: 12:10:36 PM
Name: julie carriere
Comments: my father was a member of the batfish ss310, raymond birdsall. i wanted to get some flags made and i was looking for the official batfish logo to get them made.
Date: December 22, 2007
Time: 7:24:46 PM
Name: stefan ronnebeck
Comments: i want to wish everybody a very merry christmas and a happy new year. a big thanks to all out retired and active navy personal and thanks for all you guys doing and did. i will be visiting the bluefish in summer of 2008..looking forward to it. stefan ronnebeck, tennessee, ex german navy submariner
Date: December 21, 2007
Time: 7:51:39 AM
Name: bob palone
Comments: great exhibit! love the uss batfish. please continue to take good care of her. bob
Date: December 14, 2007
Time: 9:14:05 PM
Name: michael mccravey
Comments: i was a crew member of the ssn-681 from 1990-1993. em1(ss). qualified on the uss skipjack (ssn-585) in 1989.
Date: December 14, 2007
Time: 10:13:00 AM
name: alberto fernando poskin
Comments: i am veteran of malvinas war. submarino a.r.a. "san luis". good look for yor internet page. (sorry for my english) good by si alguno de ustedes puede escribir español seria muy útil. aqui estamos tratando de que el submarino a.r.a. "san luis" sea declarado museo historico nacional. un abrazo a todos los amigos submarinistas
Date: December 12, 2007
Time: 12:06:54 PM
Name: john corbin
Comments: just signed in to pay my respects to veterans and those still on patrol. i use to live in skiatook and am a little to young to have served in wwii. i've visited the batfish many times and showed her to my children and grandchildren. as a kid, i clearly remember the newsreels and ration stamps. i really appreciate what all you all did during the war. i came to your site via
Date: December 5, 2007
Time: 8:13:54 PM
Name: erica schaller
Comments: i found your website through the boy scouts. i am considering bringing my cub scout den to see the batfish. it looks like it will be alot of fun!
Date: December 2, 2007
Time: 3:25:45 PM
Name: al perkins usn/usar ret.
Comments: i was stationed at mare island and was involved with the moth ball fleet for two years. i do not remember the batfish but was involved with the start of the converting of the grayback and the growler for seals. we had almost 20 diesel boats there at that time and about 100 ships in suisun bay. just a bit of trivia.
Date: November 25, 2007
Time: 3:10:47 PM
Name: miguel salvatierra
Comments: i am a argentine submariner and i withc send congratulations
Date: November 19, 2007
Time: 7:14:14 PM
Name: joseph bolivard
Comments: just finished the book "in the course of duty" by don keith. a history of the uss batfish for those that may not have read it. my white hat is off to the crews of the batfish and special thanks to the men connected with saving the boat as a memorial to all those that served on her and to recognize other members of the armed forces especially ww2 vets.
Date: November 17, 2007
Time: 11:13:38 PM
Name: robert whiteley jr
Comments: was on the uss batfish ssn 681 from 12/79 to 08/83. i'm going to try to make the next reunion in 2008. i was a torpedoman ( tm2/ss ) when i left the sub. i like the web site and thanks for making me feel at home again with the batfish.
Date: November 16, 2007
Time: 4:45:05 PM
Name: harold mckinniss, jr. (pete)
Comments: severed april 1988 to sept. 1990
Date: November 9, 2007
Time: 9:04:27 AM
Name: richard markowitz
Comments: i had a nice qso with sam yesterday morning on the 20m amateur radio band. i got time this morning to check out the website. i served in the army during vietnam. it's not very often somebody says thank you for serving so sam i greatly appreciate your comments. i enjoyed reading about the history of the batfish. keep up the good job. thank you, rich k2bbq
Date: November 8, 2007
Time: 6:05:39 PM
Name: rick aldom sts1(ss)
Comments: this morning, i had the pleasure to work the uss batfish ww2sub on 20 meters. i was tuning across the band when i heard the operator talking about this ww2 sub, and then he called qrz. i thought why not and gave my call sign (w7sts) and the word submariner after. i was lucky enough to be the next contact! we had about a 10 minute qso, and it was really special to work the batfish as my first ever submarine contact! bz to all who keep our heritage alive!! 73's from sunny arizona! rick aldom sts1(ss)
Date: November 8, 2007
Time: 12:52:52 PM
Name: norman vickers
Comments: thanks for keeping the memorial alive to help those people know how it helped keep america safe.
Date: November 6, 2007 8:11:22 PM
Name: kristin brown
Comments: i remember when i was a little girl my parents took me to see the uss batfish i thought it was awsome. now i cant wait to take my kids ..really soon
Date: November 3, 2007
Time: 2:25:57 PM
Name: ralf & jan wilson
Comments: this sign-in is prompted by son thomas r.wilson who made ham-radio contact with you this date. we are veterans of ww-2. ralf was a pow of the japanese and was transported to japan in a 90 day hell-ship that was attacked by submarines during the journey, but they missed the ship. jan was a rescuing army nurse at madigan general hospital and we married 19 january 1946 - over 61 years of married bliss. we thank you for your service, and your success in destroying the japanese navy. hooray, and hooray.. thank you.
Date: November 1, 2007
Time: 9:49:08 PM
Name: mike buckendorf
Comments: its wonderful that wwii historical enthusiasts such as myself and several others i know have the great opportunity to come to the batfish and experience it firsthand. i've been coming there off and on since i was a little kid and here's hoping that there are several more years ahead of the ol' girl.
Date: October 31, 2007
Time: 11:35:05 PM
Name: lisa
Comments: i remember visiting my uncle and he took us to see the sub. i was just sitting here remember my uncle who is dead now.
Date: October 6, 2007
Time: 9:22:39 PM
Name: kc0qie jim enix
Comments: i was not aware of a sub in the midwest. thanks to sam at ww2sub and the information.
Date: October 6, 2007
Time: 8:28:02 PM
Name: lee griffin
Comments: back again. great pleasure working on portraits of batfish's commanding officers, merrill, fyfe & small. i need to identify, from the black & white portraits of these officers, the medals they wore when photographed so that i can paint them accurately and in historically appropriate colors. are any of these three officers alive today? are any military records like dd-214 available on line? are there known family survivors who might be able to provide lists of medals?
Date: October 6, 2007
1:20:26 PM
Name: darrell douglass wb6dbw
Comments: i like your web site. made radio contact with your submarine on 20 meters sideband this morning Time: 10-06-07. keep up your good works and faith in jesus (acts 4 12) anchors away! -- darrell douglass wb6dbw
Date: September 26, 2007
Time: 12:35:00 PM
Name: gary l. thonn
Comments: love the site; batfish was my reserve boat from 1965 to 1969 in new orleans. ic2 (ss)
Date: September 21, 2007
Time: 8:28:45 AM
Name: susan ellis
Comments: i visited the batfish shortly after my return from the pursian gulf in '91. making plans to come back soon as i understand there have been many upgrades.
Date: September 9, 2007
Time: 11:10:02 AM
name: carlos e. rivera frances
Comments: im a former seabee and a military historian, in particular about the silent service in ww2, thanks. att: carlos e. rivera frances, seabee 14/14 san juan, pr
Date: September 6, 2007
Time: 11:36:39 AM
Name: sandra sheats peavy
Comments: my father (charlie sheats) served on the batfish (6th) patrol. i have visited the batfish at muscogee 2x this year and have become completely enthralled with the history and sacrifice of these men who protected our country. i remember stories from my dad, but just wish he was still here to tell me more. if there are other family members of the 6th patrol who are interested, please contact me. thanks to all who have sacrificed and preserved this piece of history for future generations!
Date: August 30, 2007
Time: 7:26:54 AM
Name: terry jackson
Comments: my father was on guam 1944-45 with 56th batt. seabees . enjoyed info on this fine boat .
Date: August 27, 2007
Time: 9:24:45 PM
Name: lona boudreaux
Comments: i'm lona laughlin boudreaux and my dad was david (red) laughlin. dad wasn't on the 4th & 5th patrol and i've always wondered why. after his death in 1975, my uncle sent me a v-mail my dad wrote him and was mailed aug 24, 1944. in that v-mail dad said "guess you know i'm off the boat for awhile. how long i don't know." i know he wasn't at home because he says "wish i could go home i'm tired of it all." anyone out there know how i could find out why he was off the batfish? don't worry about hurting my feelings or making me feel bad. learning why is more important than that. i have visited the batfish 3x's and only wish dad could have lived to see what all ya'll have done. for any of you plankowners i'm the baby girl that was born while ya'll were on the batfish's 1st patrol :). lona laughlin boudreaux, monroe, la.
Date: August 25, 2007
Time: 2:43:44 PM
Name: lee griffin
Comments: i'm a member of american legion post 15 in muskogee. i'm interested in working as a volunteer at the batfish memorial/museum. i have skills in modeling, calligraphy, drawing, illustration and writing.
Date: August 22, 2007
Time: 6:43:36 PM
Name: ashlynn
Comments: this is verry cool place!! my daughter is planning on having a birthday party here.
Date: August 18, 2007
Time: 3:33:22 PM
name: bob keith
Comments: just found this sight. will comment later.
August 12, 2007
Time: 4:10:05 PM
Name: ron riccio
Comments: my step dad was on the batfish in ww 2, and the family heard all the stories on the battles they were in. his name was robt. trent hubbard he passed away quietly on 8/6/98. ron riccio, p.o. box 26, oakdale, n.y. 11769
Date: August 5, 2007
Time: 1:11:41 PM
Name: roy smith
Comments: just finished the book by hughston e lowder with jack scott and enjoyed the thought provoking novel considerably. the end of the book paints a rather dire picture of the future of the boat and i was interested if it had suvivied the finacial hardships that most memorials of this kind endure. i am very please to see that it has. good luck with the continued monument to the brave men who served in submarines of all nations. roy smith, armament depot manager, gibraltar
Date: July 26, 2007
Time: 8:52:54 PM
Name: curtis eickerman
Comments: i talked to your amateur radio station today at 1400z on 7/26 on 14.264 mhz. great signal for my mobile station here in phoenix, az. thanks for the information about the web page. it's a great read. - curtis
Date: July 25, 2007
Time: 10:46:27 AM
Name: robert b. deal k5ppp
Comments: i enjoyed the qso on twenty meters with the operator on the uss batfish. i enjoyed the history lesson about the batfish on the website also. i'm ex-navy too----river patrol boat( gunners mate ) viet nam also uss coral sea cva 43
Date: July 25, 2007
Time: 10:36:38 AM
Name: jim price
Comments: was aboard the uss capitaine ss-336 in the mid 60's. also served aboard the uss sea fox ss-402. served on both boats as and rmc(ss). decommissioned both boats. later made warrant officer, and retired in 1977 as a cwo3
Date: July 20, 2007
Time: 5:26:39 AM
Name: jorge gonzales
Comments: n/t
Date: July 14, 2007
Time: 10:09:12 PM
Name: jim ersig
Comments: i contacted sam on july 14, 2007 during the iaru ham dx contest. will qsl, great site
Date: July 13, 2007
Time: 4:05:14 PM
Name: michael ellis
Comments: i toured th batfish shortly after returning home from desert storm, can't wait to come back and see all the changes that have been made.
Date: July 12, 2007
Time: 8:19:26 PM
Name: troy brown
Comments: our visit on july 2,2007 was awesome. when you walk out and see the batfish, its almost like looking at a space ship. its hard to believe that those men and that ship has had the adventures its had, and it came back to us. im an army vetran, never saw war, and i appreciate those who have so much. thank you t.b.
Date: July 7, 2007
Time: 1:28:01 PM
Name: robert byrne
Comments: 14.2707 mhz ham radio is where i learned about the site. very nice! god bless you all for keeping the memory alive. r. byrne
Date: July 6, 2007
Time: 11:38:05 AM
Name: loy kn4sa
Comments: just finished chatting with you on 20 meter cw. great qso and sam has a great fist. thanks for the contact. gl and wish you many years of operation from that historical site. thanks for the contact and best of 73! loy de kn4sa
Date: July 5, 2007
Time: 9:21:52 AM
Name: rusty gooch
Comments: i served on the batfish in 1978 on a special ops run as a "rider" and we had a grreat and successful mission. i've checked in on the subvets net from time to time, when i'm not on the frupac net. you guys keep up the good work of keeping the museum targets and boats alive via ham radio. 73's
Date: July 3, 2007
Time: 3:16:04 PM
Name: gladys walton
Comments: this is harry coker's stepdaughter. just thought i would stop in and say hey. sorry i missed this years reunion.
Date: July 2, 2007
Time: 5:18:34 PM
Name: matthew p. simmons
Comments: great website! i have visited several ww2 sub websites, but this is the only one that has the entire 7 patrol war dairy online! great reading! i hope to visit the sub someday, thanks for remembering those on eternal patrol!
Date: July 1, 2007
Time: 11:46:26 AM
Name: dave jenkins
Comments: enjoyed the history as my cousin served on the archerfish agss-310, sister ship to the batfish. i found the staff very friendly and helpful. i served 20 years in the navy, but as a "skimmer". thanks to whom ever thought of saving another piece of naval history.
Date: June 30, 2007
Time: 5:53:20 PM
Name: janeknowles
Comments: n/t
Date: June 28, 2007
Time: 9:45:46 PM
Name: daniel gutwein n8dig
Comments: i just got a hf rig the saturday before field day, but i copied your transmission by connecting the radio to my 2 meter antenna. i hope to get a 80 meter dipole up before end of the summer.
Date: June 26, 2007
Time: 11:02:05 PM
Name: tom
Comments: enjoyed the qso over the weekend, i am always pleased to have the opportunity chatting with the ww2 folks. my grand son chance was the op on the cq, it was a thrill for him to hear your call back. he is 8 years old and spends time here in the shack with gramps. his desire is getting his own ticket, operating his station a drake tr-4. thank you for the honor and i hope you had a wonderful weeked. we will be sending you a donation and moneys to cover the cert and qsl. may the lord keep you safe in his palm of his hand. tom and chance ..
Date: June 23, 2007
Time: 10:03:08 PM
Name: awc jerrie d. rosecrans, usn ret
Comments: i spent 18 years as an anti submarine hunter. started in s2f's and retired from s3a's 15 july 77. although, i live close to the batfish, i have never taken time to come see her. today i found out there is an amateur radio station onboard call ww2sub. as i am also a "ham" i hope to work her some day. and will plan to come down and take a look. i had the great privilege to spend the night in uss bream, ss-243 in tonkin gulf in 1968, while i was serving in uss hornet cvs-12. had a great time. best wishes to those who care for this great lady. awc jerrie d. rosecrans usn ret owasso, ok.
Date: June 17, 2007
Time: 11:19:30 PM
Name: james, leigh-ann and jason johnson
Comments: we went to the museum while at a family reunion and had a lot of fun the museum is wounderful i am telling everyone i know about it. james, leigh-ann and jason johnson . lubbock tx
Date: June 16, 2007
Time: 2:48:51 PM
Name: david l scranton
Comments: talked to ww2sub and found this on i will try to visit next time through ok. tnx es 73. lee w9we
Date: June 9, 2007
Time: 9:02:36 AM
Name: ross knight
Comments: n/t
Date: June 5, 2007
Time: 5:16:07 PM
Name: mike edwards
Comments: i love the museum,i have been interested in all things ww2 sence childhood and i try to visit as often as i can it never gets old to me. keep up the good work everyone.
Date: May 30, 2007
Time: 8:29:06 PM
Name: warren walker
Comments: i enjoyed your webpage. it really tells the complete story of the submarine. my parents lived in muskogee many years ago and i remember taking my two young sons to see the submarine. at the time i had my doubts that it would survive ... i served on an amphibious ship called lsm 462. there were approx 500 lsms built during world war 2. they saw action in the pacific. there is only one lsm left today, lsm 45, it has quite a story itself and would make a fine museum some place. its story can be found on the internet at as you can see it is looking for a home port......warren walker
Date: May 28, 2007
Time: 8:52:26 PM
Name: michael smith
Comments: n/t
Date: May 28, 2007
Time: 6:37:39 PM
Name: ralph r. krummel. jr
Comments: tmc ralph r. krummel(deceased)was my dad and the crew at the time he was on board the ss 310, were all my uncles..we lived in the old perry court military housing on key west at the end of southard street (101 b)..also at that period of time fred clark and family also lived in perry court..those were great days for us kids at the time..larry 'soundhead' whorton was like a older brother to me and my sister, because he had spend a great deal of time at our house and he, dad and i did a lot of fishing up the keys.. this is a great site..thanks for the memories.. ralph r krummel, jr. usmc (ret) key west, fl..
Date: May 25, 2007
Time: 8:33:49 AM
Name: cindy kerr
Comments: we enjoyed visiting uss batfish in muskogee. a lot of history is represented.
Date: May 25, 2007
Time: 12:49:51 AM
Name: everett gibson
Comments: i've always love the sea and the boats, subs and planes that made it possable for me to live in a country like this united states .also a big hand to the many men and women that has given there lives for the freedom that we all share. i'm 49 and was not able to serve bad heart since i was child .to each one i have met over the yrs.that has serve i make it a point to shake there hand .to the ones that have fallen i take my hat off to them .for they gave there lives for me to live as they died .when i see the wall in dc i know what each person feels in there heart ,that someone they knew in times passed gave there life for us.i'm every proud but still humble in thanks to them to have the men and women that have gaven there lives for me,there are not words honorable enough to say to them . i just wanted to say thank you and may the crews of all the batfish of the usa have a good sail and a safe return to port. again thanks for this site .i found the link with tv6 tulsa,ok.
Date: May 18, 2007
Time: 2:54:41 PM
Name: rick mcnutt
Comments: made amateur radio contanct with you this morning, 20m and came to sight for research. fun qso......73 de n5xnf
Date: May 18, 2007
Time: 2:38:59 PM
Name: earl r. white
Comments: nice web page! i was an snss aboard the uss cusk--1949/50. great experience! earl white
Date: May 18, 2007
Time: 12:08:00 PM
Name: ivan moore - ki4aap
Comments: n/t
Date: May 14, 2007
Time: 7:34:11 AM
Name: charles mueller
Comments: great site, great boat. we are losing our wwii vets to fast. we must maintain contact with them, for them and continue on for them. charlie mueller, rmcm(ss)ret, base commander, ussvi ri base
Date: May 7, 2007
Time: 10:16:19 PM
Name: deborah peasley
Comments: i googled uss batfish to get here. i'd heard about the sub and wanted information on visiting as part of a homeschool trip.
Date: May 5, 2007
Time: 5:17:01 PM
Name: richard wells kreis
Comments: just got here, my name is richard wells kreis, my dad was....usn lt comanr. chris (hurman) kreis .....he never told me about the batfish website. i am not a military man, never was. but i have known about the batfish ( and its stories) sense i was a young little boy. also wile i was a teenager in s.d.,ca. i had a heavy canvases fowl weather jacket from the navy, with the origanal uss batfish insignia hand pained on the back. i used it on many an occasions and to school. i spend many saturday afternoons(wile dad did paperwork catchup) below decks on board subs at s.d.ship yard, tied up along side the big tenders. after spending time below decks,sat in the officers lounge, the galley, walked the passage ways, sat behind the big steering wheels. i saw many old subs in dry dock out east i can remember the strong smell of welding, grinding and gres all around in the air at s.d. and probable(?colubus, s.c.?) navy ship yards as a boy. i can reflect on the crewmen conditions on bored during wwii. i am sure you will all miss him dearly. we are just dust in the wind..........
Date: April 30, 2007
Time: 8:28:16 AM
Name: leon bruton n4rtt
Comments: saturday april 28 my friend scott kt4cw and i had just finished stringing an antenna and setting up my daughter rebecca's (ki4rnv) first hf ham radio station. scott turned the radio on, and heard ed talking from the sub. he made contact, and had a qso. this was the first contact from this station (ki4rnv) and i'm sure rebecca will always remember it. 73, leon n4rtt
Date: April 28, 2007
Time: 8:06:46 PM
Name: dennis sanford
Comments: enjoyed working amateur station ww2sub on 40 meters cw. extra bonus was to obtain the skcc number. good to hear you sam. 73s dennis w6ut skcc 2417c
Date: April 28, 2007
Time: 6:45:29 PM
Name: rick strobel
Comments: n/t
Date: April 28, 2007
Time: 3:50:54 PM
Name: mike llewellyn
Comments: great contact on 4/28/07 @ 1600 hrs. on 14.243. talked with sam, a great sounding radio operator. thanks for the contact. kg4htx citrus co. florida
Date: April 28, 2007
Time: 3:36:04 PM
Name: henry little, n las vegas, nv
Comments: heard your special events station and worked it, 4-28-07.looked up web site and enjoyed it very much. am retired usaf, 79 years old. keep up the good work. best of 73,s, henry, n7axy
Date: April 28, 2007
Time: 3:21:36 PM
Name: dick
Comments: spent 8 years in us naval reserve squadron zp-651 as elelctronics tech on a k ship blimp operating out of akron ohio. last cruise was in guantanama bay cuba and squadron took first place in submarine patrol war game. god bless the united states of american and all of our military personnel.
Date: April 28, 2007
Time: 1:51:08 PM
Name: gene wes franks
Comments: great page...good info..i worked the radio room today on 14.243.20 usb..fine job..i was a diver for navy and then went commercial for approx.27 years..fine business on the pictures and history of the batfish and crew..wes..kd7bcf keep up the good work..
Date: April 28, 2007
Time: 1:38:21 PM
Name: wd6dkj paul mike
Comments: n/t
Date: April 28, 2007
Time: 12:51:09 PM
Name: bruce kabana
Comments: i just work your special event station ww2sub. liked the whole web site it was great!!!
Date: April 28, 2007
Time: 12:26:23 PM
Name: blake n4bwr
Comments: just contacted you on 14243.2. good signal into ga. 73 ed, and thanks for the qso. blake n4bwr
Date: April 28, 2007
Time: 11:12:03 AM
Name: david d. black jr.
Comments: enjoyed the contact. hope i can get a qsl card from your sub. thanks. david d. black w4prf in montgomery, alabama. 4 - 28 - 07 cobtact at 10:50 cst. 73s dd
Date: April 28, 2007
Time: 10:30:35 AM
Name: ve7jte james
Comments: all great had my first 20 meter conact with ww2sub ed i will keep looking at the this web site. i will get off a qsl card as soon as i have one made up thanks james
Date: April 28, 2007
Time: 10:06:28 AM
Name: george r. joyner - kd4qmy
Comments: it was a pleasure contacting the ww2sub amateur radio special event station, 28 april 07, on the 20 meter band. i came to this site after selecting the link posted on while viewing the station's call letters. good luck with all the activities. kd4qmy george
Date: April 24, 2007
Time: 9:06:22 PM
Name: gladys walton
Comments: this is harry coker's step daughter. i thought i would just drop in and see the site.
Date: April 16, 2007
Time: 11:27:12 AM
Name: natalie christmas and steven douglas
Comments: i loved what i saw, and will definitaly back! i took a 3 day "get away vacation" from tulsa and it was the highlight of my trip! well worth it! the gentlman was very friendly and informative who worked there. i found your website by googling it. thank you, natalie
Date: April 14, 2007
Time: 12:48:24 PM
Name: mike tate
Comments: your site...i worked ww2sub on 20m as va6fun! i pen my ham radio exploits and submit them to our local newspaper( smoky signal) as "fun adventures with radio!" i will be sending in an article on the qso with mark and the uss batfish! keep up the good work! mike...va6fun
Date: April 13, 2007
Time: 8:37:13 PM
Name: ed page
Comments: a gentleman who saw my uss greenling ss213 cap stopped to chat with me yesterday. he told me that his dad was a chief torpedoman on all of the batfishe's war patroles and went on to many other accomplishments after the war including becoming chief-of the boat on the nautalis. before we parted, i never asked his dad's name---could you provide it with this info? i look forward to hearing from you. ed page-emp-3 ss
Date: April 13, 2007
Time: 10:27:39 AM
Name: b bassett en1 ss
Comments: great to see the boat again. i was on it when it was a reserve boat in new orleans. the site is great!
Date: April 7, 2007
Time: 11:09:28 PM
Name: richard springer
Comments: read the book on the batfish,really interesting !
Date: April 6, 2007
Time: 6:05:07 PM
Name: henry klempan
Comments: just returned from my first visit to the batfish. what a boat. as a veteran sailor the history was particularly fascinating. i'll most certainly return soon. fair winds and following seas.
Date: April 3, 2007
Time: 2:59:03 PM
Name: bob johnson rmcm(ss)dv
Comments: terrific site. brings back a lot of memories when i was a hot running young seaman non-qual. thanks for putting this together.
Date: March 31, 2007
Time: 4:47:12 PM
Name: matthew
Comments: my uncle john l. from (lt) served on the batfish under captain fyfe. he latter went on to be the first captain of the uss george washington the first ballistic missile sub. thanks for saving the history, it is personal to me.
Date: March 28, 2007
Time: 1:43:06 AM
Name: william l. milhaupt
Comments: great site, and great history about a great boat. i'm a 62 year old army vietnam vet, but i've thrilled to the history of the silent service ever since i was 15 years old, reading capt. edward l. beach's submarine! reading the captain's logs of her war patrols was like reliving familiar family history! the story of her adoption by the state of oklahoma and her conversion into a war memorial is unbeatable. the officers and men who manned her 1943-45 were -- and are -- my heroes!
Date: March 25, 2007
Time: 8:08:06 PM
Name: terrie eatmon
Comments: i realy thought it was neat. cant wait to get to come back.
Date: March 18, 2007
Time: 7:28:52 PM
Name: rodger stivison
Comments: i'm a ham radio operator who likes reading ww2 submarine history. it was a pleasure to make contact with the special event station ww2sub. what a call. keep up the good work. it's nice to see there are those who work to preserve the history of the balao and gato class subs. rodger k3ras
Date: March 12, 2007
Time: 11:27:04 AM
Name: jon wollerman
Comments: i arrived at this site via nice website! i had a friend, ronald wightman, (1943-44) whose father (also last name wightman) was on the batfish. confirming radio qso on 3-12-07, on 20 meters at 1544z.
Date: March 9, 2007
Time: 10:57:51 AM
Name: paul gussow
Comments: fantastic to work your radio station...very nice surprise! keep up the good work. 73 de w6gmu paul
Date: February 28, 2007
Time: 3:45:28 PM
Name: tom clarke
Comments: i think the site is great i found the site after working the special event station ana looking up the call sign ww2sub on qrz today keep up the great work 73 tom w4wwv
Date: February 28, 2007
Time: 12:28:23 PM
Name: bill flynn
Comments: in 1968 i graduated from the new london sub school and i remember reading about the batfish, so this was a neat site
Date: February 14, 2007
Time: 1:39:55 AM
Name: dan denny
Comments: excellent web site. thanks for maintaining this wonderful history of the batfish.
Date: January 31, 2007
Time: 3:07:24 PM
Name: larry brown
Comments: just visiting. member of the commissoning crew uss blower ss325 aug. 10 1944. rode the boat to pearl. was disqualified phisically "eyesight" jan. 14 1945. toured pearl harbor sub base until 15 march 1946 returned to treasure island. am native of okla. born in osage co. 4 miles west of skiatook. my brother leslie was a jap. prisoner from may 1942 to sept. 1945. he has lived in tulsa since 1952. he will be 85 march 17 and still going strong i am very well also. love the batfish! clear sailing mates. larry

Date: January 31, 2007
Time: 2:21:42 PM
Name: william graybeal
Comments: dear shipmate, really enjoyed this sight.i was a crew member when we recomm.the batfish (ss310) on march 07 1951 in mare island calif. along with the archerfish (ss311) at the same time. we sailed to sandiego.than thru the cannel to keywast fla. our homeport.after a shake down at gitmo. yours bill

Date: January 26, 2007
Time: 3:08:32 PM
Name: ronald wightman
Comments: my father earl wightman passed on jan 26 2007 he was on the 7th patrol he attended a reuion in 2002 some of the best times of his life was on the 310 and with his good frend jim butterworth

Date: January 21, 2007
Time: 8:37:31 AM
Name: josef hyatt
Comments: i visited her when i was a kid and just thought i'd look her up again.

Date: Monday, January 15, 2007
Time: 1:30:29 PM
Name: carl weber
Comments: hi, this is my first time on net. recommissioned 310 in 1952.


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