The Champion Submarine-Killing Submarine of World War Two


Updates & What's Planned for this Website

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First, my apologies for letting the website languish in inactivity.  Personal issues and issues at the park forced me to walk away and unfortunately the website was collateral damage.  I have started to update the website, but it's a slow process.  Here is a list of things planned, in no certain order.
  • Working to fix or remove broken links
  • I hope to upload video & photos of WW2 crew members at the sub
  • Add more content, in particular about wartime experiences of the sub and crew
  • Create a sponsorship page to help defray the cost of running this site
  • Increase traffic to the site.  Visits have dropped from 47K (2016) to around 9K (2022)

Latest Updates

  • Fixed all links on the Submarine Links page.  If you know of WW2 submarine web pages that I don't show a link for, please email me and let me know.
  • I've created a Facebook Group USS BATFISH (SS-310). Follow the page and let's discuss the Batfish and all things Pacific WW2 submarine warfare.
  • Fixed the main page video
  • Transcribed and added missing last 4 pages to 7th War Patrol.
  • Added 2 new articles for the Reading List page.
  • Finished adding Ship Contact (Section F) and Aircraft Contact (Section G) sections to all War Patrol reports.
  • Added a couple of photos on the Post-War History page.
  • The new Guestbook Page is up and running...please sign in!
  • Finished adding award/medal info for the crew on the Awards page. If I missed anyone/anything, please let me know.
  • Moved the CREW AWARDS link to it's own button under Site Menu
  • Added a link to our LinkedIn page
  • Added an article from the Evening Star on the Reading List page.
  • I'm going through old emails and updating crew and other information as it applies.  I'm trying to respond even though some emails are a few years old.  Like I say at the top, I was away from this for a while.  Very sorry for the delay in this.



This website is for the submarine and crew.  There is a link to the Parks Facebook page.  That is where you'll find your answers to what's going on at War Memorial Park in Muskogee, Oklahoma.  More to come later, just wanted to let you know I'm working behind the scenes as fast as I can.  Thanks for visiting!  Mark Allen, Webmaster and Former Batfish Historian.  Contact me on the FaceBook Group page (link above) or email at