The Champion Submarine-Killing Submarine of World War Two


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Forward Battery


Through a water-tight door in the aft bulkhead of the torpedo room is the forward battery.  This compartment is divided in two by a water-tight deck.
The officers' quarters above the deck plates provided cabins for both the commissioned officers and the chief petty officers.  The forward end of the compartment was working space for the two Stewards Mates.  Their small work area included a coffee urn, storage drawers, food warmers and the like.  The captain was the only officer who had a private cabin; all others shared sleeping rooms.  All officers shared the single head in the forward torpedo room.  The wardroom, where the commissioned officers ate and met, contained a table, bunks and movable chairs.



Below the deck was the forward half of the storage battery (126 large, lead-acide type electric cells, stored in the space below the deck plates, gave the compartment its name).  Each cell was about four feet tall.  They were connected in series by a set of lead-coated copper intercell connectors and to the main propulsion cubicle by a set of large copper busbars and cables.

The ship's yeoman had a tiny office on the starboard side, at the aft end of the compartment.  He was the enlisted man who maintained all of the ship's records