The Champion Submarine-Killing Submarine of World War Two


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Forward and Aft Engine Rooms


Through another watertight door was the forward engine room.  Both engine rooms were nearly identical with two diesel engines occupying much of the space.  A walking deck ran down the center of the room and a watertight bulkhead separated the forward and after engine rooms.

Both compartments contained two diesel main engines.  Each of the engines were directly coupled to a high-powered electrical generator.  Output from the engine-driven generators provided electrical power to operate the electrical propulsion motors in the motor room when the boat was operating on the surface.  While on the surface, the generators charged the batteries.  In the aft engine room, below deck level was a small auxiliary diesel engine (“dinky”).  It performed as a low power substitute for any main engine.  The forward engine room duplicated the aft engine room, except that the forward had a small machine shop in place of the “dinky”.