The Champion Submarine-Killing Submarine of World War Two


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Conning Tower


Above the control room is a small, 10-foot diameter, 20-foot long clyindrical compartment.  This small room is where the officer of the deck (OOD) conned the boat while submerged.

Firing Panels for the Aft (left) and Forward (right) torpedo tubes


Attack periscope (foreground) and observation periscope (background) looking forward.


SONAR console (above right) and RADAR unit (right), starboard side bulkhead.  Above, looking aft, view along port side bulkhead.  Firing panel and A/C units in foreground with mock TDC in background.


This room contained ship controls (steering, motor speed, annunciator, 1MC, etc.), torpedo controls (TDC, firing console, etc.), and detection equipment (two periscopes, SJ RADAR, SONAR, etc.).  A watertight hatch, below foot level on the forward port side of the compartment, led down into the control room by a vertical ladder.  Another watertight hatch on the forward starboard side led upward by way of another vertical ladder to the bridge.