The Champion Submarine-Killing Submarine of World War Two


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Control Room


Through the next watertight door is the control room.  This compartment contained all the controls used during submerged operations, including the submergence ready light panel (Christmas tree: photo to right), bow plane and stern plane controls (bottom photos), inclinometer, depth gauges and hydraulic manifold.
It also contained other critical facilities such as the ship's master and auxiliary gyrocompasses, an auxiliary steering position, SD radar, IFF interrogator, and the IFF transponder.  The pump room is below the control room deck plates.   It contained hydraulic pumps, air compressors, the trimming pump, and other small pumps and equipment.     On the aft end of the compartment is the radio room.  Barely large enough to allow two operators, this room contains (or contained) all the radio transmitters and receivers