The Champion Submarine-Killing Submarine of World War Two


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Crews Mess & Aft Battery


Continuing aft through another watertight door is the aft battery, that also derived its name from the battery of 126 lead-acid type electric cells stored in the space below its deck plates.  The forward end of the compartment, above the deck plates, contained the ship’s galley.  The cooks prepared food for the entire ship’s company there.  Immediately aft of the galley was the crew’s mess hall, containing four fixed tables, with stationary benches on each side.  The room seated a total of twenty-four men.  Below the mess area is the ammunition stowage magazine and food storage spaces.
Aft of the mess hall was the crew quarters.  It contained a total of thirty-six stainless steel framed bunks, stacked in four rows running fore and aft.  The crew’s duty assignments while at sea were four hours on watch and eight hours off watch, thus there was always someone sleeping.  The chief of the boat assigned some bunks to more than one person (known as “hot bunking”), since there were not enough bunks for every member of the crew.  That meant that men from different watch times were assigned to the same bunk.  A metal door at the after end of the sleeping space was the entry into the crew’s head area.  It contained two stalls with heads; two stall showers and two washbasins.  It also held an automatic laundry machine.